The Tutor Doctor Difference: How Learning Hits Home with One-to-One Tutoring Sessions

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The Tutor Doctor Difference: How Learning Hits Home with One-to-One Tutoring Sessions
The Tutor Doctor Difference: How Learning Hits Home with One-to-One Tutoring Sessions
17,000 tutors are working across the globe to create customized supplemental education plans designed to change the trajectory of students’ lives.

“You can’t put a price tag on a strong education. It gives a child confidence and instills a strong belief in themselves. We aren’t just tutoring students—we’re changing the trajectory of their lives.”

It was that realization that first sold Frank Milner on Tutor Doctor. Before taking on his current role as the brand’s President, Milner was an executive in the franchising industry who knew first hand just how stressful a child struggling in school could be for a whole family. While one of his two children excelled in the classroom, his daughter was having difficulty keeping up. As a young child in middle school, her biggest concern was whether or not she’d be able to make the honor roll with all of her friends at the end of the year. That’s when Milner and his family decided to turn to Tutor Doctor for help.

“I would come home from work, and right away, I knew that there was a problem,” he said. “There’s my little girl sitting with all of her school books crying her eyes out. And my wife would be sitting right across from her, equally as upset. That really got my back up—my family wasn’t smiling and happy, but instead they were frustrated and upset. It wasn’t until my daughter started seeing someone from Tutor Doctor that things started to change. Her grades went from Cs to As, and she made the honor roll. But more importantly, she internalized the belief that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. She went from being scared of school to believing she could go to Harvard. As a parent, you can’t even begin to describe how important that feeling is for your kids to have.”

That ability to instill confidence in students and change their attitudes towards their educational potential is what makes Tutor Doctor stand out. While other supplemental education brands are creating curriculums off of standardized best practices, Tutor Doctor is making learning personal. The brand’s tutors work with students one-to-one in their homes and base their educational strategies off of each child’s unique set of challenges and assignments, ensuring that every student is receiving the exact type of attention and help that they need.

Tutor Doctor also separates itself from the competition by engraining itself in the communities that it serves. The brand’s franchisees and employees all consistently strive to become a household name through key partnerships with local programs and organizations.

“Our connection to our customers and the communities that we call home are what makes us unique. Every Tutor Doctor franchisee is present in their local community, and they make an effort to be as involved with school systems and local programs as possible,” said Milner. “Franchisees and their tutors also care about their students and treat them as if they were their own child. That’s why we do a full-blown consultation with every family that comes to us for help—we set out to identify exactly what students are struggling with, from their school curriculums to the environment and circumstances that they’re learning under. Every member of the Tutor Doctor team shares a passion for changing students’ lives for the better.”

Tutor Doctor doesn’t only help students who are struggling in school—the brand’s tutors also work with students who are excelling but want to maintain a competitive edge. Tutor Doctor also offers test prep assistance and is constantly anticipating what the latest trends in the education industry will be to get ahead of them. The brand is making its virtual tutoring services more widely available, for example, as families become more comfortable working with students one-to-one over online video sessions. Tutor Doctor is also researching the role that virtual reality will play in education going forward to explore those early opportunities before they become commonplace in the industry.

With 17,000 tutors in 16 different countries, Tutor Doctor has helped change over 200,000 students’ lives. And that number is expected to grow—the brand is actively looking to saturate the markets that it already exists in and is targeting international growth in an effort to help the next generations excel both in and outside of the classroom.

“Students across the globe are facing more pressure than they ever have before. It used to be that if you got As, you had your choice of what high school or university to attend. But that’s simply not the case today. Having a 90 average isn’t going to guarantee you a spot at the top schools,” said Scott Thompson, Tutor Doctor’s Vice President of Global Franchise Development. “That’s where Tutor Doctor’s business model comes into play. Whether a student is struggling to keep up or looking for ways to keep getting ahead, we’re able to tailor our tutoring sessions to meet their exact needs. No two students are alike, so their tutoring strategies shouldn’t be one and the same. That’s the real Tutor Doctor difference—our one-to-one, in-home approach to supplemental education goes far beyond what traditional tutoring brands are able to accomplish.”

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